My graduation project in Digital Media.

A small, full CG shortfilm set in a pseudo 1980s environment, where a nostalgic theme is emphasized through the display of old computer hardware, together with careful cinematic grading.

Made as a “proof of concept” for a future project that I am currently working on.


modeling_texturing_lighting_rendering by Brian Sørensen

grading_editing_soundDesign by Brian Sørensen

written & produced by Brian Sørensen





Personal Work. “INSPIRATION”. All made in After effects, illustrator and Photoshop.
Motion grapher: Rafa Galeano. cargocollective.com/rafagaleano
Music: Charlie Parker – Summertime
Bad Meets Evil – Living Proof
BSN Posse X SkilL Joseph – Chapter III bsnposse.bandcamp.com/

TEDxDubai 2011 | The Beauty of Small Things | Main Titles

We were honored to create the opening titles for the TEDxDubai conference for the second consecutive year in 2011. The main titles showcase the staggering growth of Dubai over the past 10 years through time-lapse satellite imagery, and act as a prologue to the event that seeks to celebrate the “small” in a location like Dubai, mostly known for excess and extravagance.

The titles, together with the event, remind everyone that small things can have a huge impact and that Dubai’s present grandeur was once a multitude of tiny grains of sand.

Proudly conceived, designed and directed by METAphrenie in Dubai.

Music by Reiner Erlings.

Satellite Imagery: © Space Imaging Middle East & DigitalGlobe, members of the WorldView Global Alliance, all rights reserved.